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The fresh greenery is beautiful!
Date of registration: 2024/05/07/(Tue) 18:49
After the hustle and bustle of Golden Week,
The cold days are over, and Karuizawa is now in the season to enjoy the fresh greenery.
You can also enjoy the shop at your leisure.

This is a recommended season!

There are many foggy days.
"Notice" Karuizawa Pension Festa 2024 Spring Tennis Tournament Scheduled to be held on June 1st (Sat) and 2nd (Sun)
Registration date: 2024/02/22/(Thu) 21:40
tel 0267-45-3270
Once the event has been decided, it will be announced on the official website below.
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[Karuizawa Mori no Sauna] This season's business has ended.
Registration date: 2023/11/24/(Fri) 01:50
tel 0267-46-0633
A small resort that can be reached in 2 hours from the city center. ``Forest Sauna'' is located on the premises of the pension ``Nome no Mori'' in Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture.
I love saunas, so I opened a private outdoor sauna called ``Mori no Sauna'' using a tent sauna in my hometown of Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture, with the cooperation of Nome no Mori.
To say the least, this is awesome. While looking at the trees that change with the seasons in a natural forest, you can hear the whispers of birds and the soothing flow of the river. Work up a sweat in the great outdoors and cool down in a forest bath. As you bathe in the open air, the gentle breeze caresses your skin and you can hear the birds chirping. You may even meet small animals that live in the forest. This is the real thrill of outdoor saunas. This is the best sauna environment that even the most famous saunas cannot provide.
The ultimate outdoor sauna that can be reached in just 2 hours from Tokyo. Why not enjoy an outdoor sauna in the great outdoors of Karuizawa, at the foot of Mt. Asama?
Please enjoy the finest totoinoi experience.

Thank you to all our customers for using our service this year.
We will resume operations from April onwards, so please check our SNS and website for information.
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Pension Subaru
Registration date: 2023/02/25/(Sat) 16:05
tel 0267-46-1397
A new spot has been born in Nakakaruizawa.
Opening on 3/1 (Wednesday)! Karuizawa Commongrounds is a complex facility in the forest where cafes and shops gather.

It's right in front of our pension.
The owner previously worked as a cook at a hotel in Tokyo for many years and is confident in his cuisine.
In particular, the original meat pie made with puff pastry has many repeat customers who say, ``I came back because I wanted to try this.''

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We support solo travelers.
Registration date: 2023/02/14/(Tue) 18:25
tel 0267-45-1963
homemade shoulder bacon

B.L.T sandwich is recommended

I won't bother you too much.

Enjoy your free time to the fullest.

We support solo travelers.

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Completely free transportation service
Registration date: 2023/02/13/(Mon) 20:35
tel 0267-41-0286
You can also use it on your check-in date, during your stay, and check-out date at our pension!
Pick-up and drop-off from Karuizawa and Naka-Karuizawa is possible.
Please feel free to use it from the station to our hotel, to sightseeing spots, etc.
We will ask you about the pick-up location and time, so please call or directly ask our staff.

*Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request.

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happy new year
Registration date: 2023/01/01/(Sun) 18:22
tel 0267-46-2832
I hope you have a prosperous year
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B&B Asama
Registration date: 2022/09/16/(Fri) 18:02
tel 0267-42-2940
September 5th 13:05 · Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture ·
There are many souvenirs from Karuizawa, but ``Asama's hit this summer is Puru Karuizawa's oil and other seasonings. A customer who saw Tsuruya Ryokan featured on YouTube told us about it. Smoked oil is versatile for sashimi, meat, etc. Add a little salt to the edamame beans and a little soy sauce to the whitebait on the warm rice.
In addition to the Iburu Karuizawa main store, they are also sold at Tsuruya Ryokan. You can also meet the young YouTuber!
#B&B Asama #Asama Cafe #Tsuruya Ryokan #Iburu Karuizawa
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[Now accepting reservations for summer] 5% discount for reservations made via the official website!
Registration date: 2022/06/28/(Tue) 22:51
tel 0267-41-1350
For customers viewing our official website, we are now accepting pre-orders for half-board plans from August 1st to August 27th!

Furthermore, we are offering discounted prices from Jalan, Rakuten Travel, and Yahoo Travel, so please consider this opportunity.
Pension information
Pension & Log Cottage Karuizawa Hoshinoko
Registration date: 2022/06/28/(Tue) 22:10
tel 0267-46-1551
Although it is sudden, we would like to resume business tomorrow, Wednesday, June 22nd.

We would like to thank you for all the inquiries and concerns we received during the two and a half months we were closed. We would like to thank our regular customers for checking in with us regularly.

It doesn't mean that the person inside is completely cured,
Also, while we are on vacation, the prices of various items have skyrocketed, but we would like to continue to offer our products at reasonable prices as much as possible, so we look forward to your continued support.

I will continue to work harder than ever, but thank you for your continued support 🙇♀️

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Pension Labrador
Registration date: 2022/06/28/(Tue) 22:05
tel 0267-46-3447
There is a sauna hut built by my family in the garden where the highland breeze blows.

The soft heat, warm light, sound of crackling firewood, and smoky scent of wood that can only be found in a wood-fired sauna.

After taking a cold shower, pores all over the body tighten.

Sitting in an infinity chair in a sub-zero world, wrapping your body in a bath towel and closing your eyes is the best way to bathe in the fresh air.

The appeal of an outdoor sauna is that you can enjoy the scenery that changes with the seasons with all five senses.

Enjoy a luxurious sauna time with your friends or lover as it is a mixed bathing facility for men and women and can be reserved for 120 minutes. (Swimsuit required/Paid swimsuit rental available for men only )

5/3 “Pop-up!” on Fuji TV Broadcasting! ” introduced the Labrador sauna!
On the program, we had the Omura family of the comedian Total Ten Bosch come and try out the sauna.

Pension Labrador's sauna was interviewed by YouTuber salog.
He also wrote a blog.

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``HIJIYA33'' is a small shop in my neighborhood that I've been curious about for a long time.
Registration date: 2022/06/28/(Tue) 21:53
tel 0267-45-0188
``HIJIYA33'' is a small shop in my neighborhood that I've been curious about for a long time.
When I first entered the store last fall, I came across a cute necklace, and the buckwheat galette shop ``Michikusa'' that I introduced earlier was also in front of HIJIYA33! (Sorry for the late introduction. . )

Today, I was (exaggerating!?) searching all over Karuizawa for a small vase to display a small flower, and I thought, "Maybe!" and came across this shop. And that hunch was correct! I was able to come across a small ``walnut glass'' bottle made by ``Orange'' in Unno-juku, Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture.

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I have a room. Pension Sengataki/Sengataki ★July holidays vacancy information★
Registration date: 2022/06/25/(Sat) 16:01
tel 0267-46-1011

Pension Sengataki

Vacant room information (as of June 24th) There are vacancies available for the July holidays.

Location of Pension Sengataki

Harunire Terrace. 5 minutes by car to Tombo no Yu and Sengataki Onsen. Very close.

Close to Karuizawa Kogen Church.

Pension Sengataki TEL 0267-46-1011
Pension information
Please go to Karuizawa in deep autumn (*^_^*)
Registration date: 2021/10/29/(Fri) 14:07
tel 0267-42-3156

The maple leaves around Ru-ran are also turning red.

The colors of yellow and red are increasing day by day, making you feel the depth of autumn. .
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pipe smoke
Registration date: 2021/04/19/(Mon) 18:34
tel 0267-45-5555
A great plan that includes a one-night, two-board stay at Karuizawa Hotel Pipe No Kemuri and a one-day admission ticket to Karuizawa Toy Kingdom.
*You can use the toy room, but attractions, mountain stream fishing, and experience events require additional fees.
Please check the information below for details.

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Would you like to avoid the Three Cs and stay in a private camp and tent?
Registration date: 2021/03/02/(Tue) 21:10
tel 0267-46-2291
Would you like to occupy Edohara Pension's pine cone garden and have your first camping experience or tent night experience?  You can enjoy the authentic experience with peace of mind and empty-handed. If you are unable to sleep in a tent at night or have any concerns, you can also use the guest rooms at the pension. Families with small children;

Perfect for a first-time camping experience for three generations, or a girls' night out camp. Restrooms and showers are also reserved for the pension, so you can rest assured and clean.

You can also avoid the three Cs.

Of course I will help you! Huge tent, moss garden, hammock, bonfire, and self-catering BBQ!  It's not scary, it's not cold, it's not itchy, it's not dark!

We provide a sturdy tent, bedding, seasonal ingredients, and a bonfire, but it's a mild camping experience that's a little different from glamping. We can help with things like starting a fire or having a BBQ.

All mild camping is by reservation only. Please contact us

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<notice >
Registration date: 2021/03/02/(Tue) 20:45
tel 0267-48-2126
Nagano prefecture resident discount. If you stay by the end of March
Accommodation fee per person is ~9999 yen is 3000 yen
For orders over 10,000 yen, 5,000 yen will be discounted.
Pension information
Pension Grasshopper
Registration date: 2021/03/02/(Tue) 20:17
tel 0267-46-1333

From October 29, 2020 to March 31, 2021,
The main building of the pension will be closed for maintenance.

Please note that the cottage is open as usual.

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Pension Casteel
Registration date: 2021/03/02/(Tue) 15:52
tel 0267-45-5119
I hope as many cat lovers as possible are healed...

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Notice of road closure
Registration date: 2020/12/01/(Tue) 22:12
tel 0267-44-3223
From National Route 18 Toriibara East Intersection (Super Tsuruya Intersection)
The bridge over Yukawa on the way to the pension is undergoing reconstruction work.
The road will be closed until the end of July 2020.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

*Please be aware that when using a navigation system, you may be directed to this route.

Until the pension
[At the Shiozawa intersection towards Lake Shiozawa] ⇒ [Right at the first intersection (opposite direction of Aoki-so)]
⇒【Go straight ahead for 500m to Lindenbalm】

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The homepage of Log Cabin, where you can enjoy Karuizawa to the fullest, has been renewed!
Registration date: 2019/11/01/(Fri) 21:38
tel 0267-45-6007
A log cabin where you can fully enjoy Karuizawa!
In order to let more people know about the benefits of staying in a log house while spending time in Karuizawa, we have renewed our website to be compatible with smartphones and tablets. We have a lot of reservations, so please contact us as soon as possible.
Thank you for your continued patronage of Log Cabin.

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Pension Simplon
Registration date: 2019/11/01/(Fri) 19:17
tel 0267-42-7980
Platinum Bargain has started at Prince Shopping Plaza.

From November 1st (Friday) to November 11th (Monday).
Pension information
Reservations for summer vacation 2019 have started ♪
Registration date: 2019/05/13/(Mon) 18:57
tel 0267-45-4021
Golden Week is over, and Karuizawa has entered the beautiful season of fresh greenery♪
The chirping of little birds will soothe you.

We have started taking reservations for this year's summer vacation!
Please come to cool Karuizawa (^^)ノ
Pension information
Cottage Karuizawa Sunny Village
Registration date: 2018/07/20/(Fri) 02:44
tel 0267-42-3882
At Karuizawa Sunny Village, we want to relax and enjoy Karuizawa without hesitation.
With this in mind, we have prepared a ``value-for-money'' log house guest room space.
Please feel free to use it.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.

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Karuizawa Pension Festa 2018 Spring Tennis Tournament
Registration date: 2018/05/10/(Thu) 02:09
tel 0267-48-0198
2018 Spring Conference ~Looking for participants~

We look forward to your participation.

We look forward to seeing you again in Karuizawa.

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Pension Karuizawa Forest
Registration date: 2018/05/09/(Wed) 01:19
tel 0267-46-3064
★Now accepting reservations from May to August★
★Consecutive night stay plan is a great deal during summer vacation! ★

For reservations of 3 or more rooms, reservations are only accepted by phone.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact


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Annual early summer concert
Registration date: 2018/04/21/(Sat) 00:19
tel 0267-44-3133
Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa is a small hotel in the forest of Karuizawa.
Annual early summer concert.
Thanks to you, this year will be the 18th time.
This year too, we will welcome unique musicians to the event!
Let's enjoy a wonderful concert together in the forest.

18th Opera Karuizawa Salon Concert
[Date and time] Friday, May 25, 2018 Doors open at 1:00 p.m. Performance starts at 1:30 p.m.
[Venue] Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa
[Membership fee] 3,500 yen

Please make a reservation by phone.
After the concert, enjoy a tea party with cake.
We look forward to seeing you again this year.
(Accommodation is limited to performers only. )

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HP has been renewed!
Registration date: 2018/01/02/(Tue) 22:20
tel 0267-42-7616
Pension Pi-man is just a short walk from the station and outlet mall!
Ski resorts, golf courses, tennis courts, etc. are all within 5 minutes by car.
Convenience store 7-Eleven, bicycle rental and ski rental Nice One are also conveniently located within a 2-minute walk!The dazzling green lawn of the large garden and the inside of the building make use of the grain of wood.
A small wooden inn run by a couple that displays handmade quilts and accessories.
The relaxing atmosphere and smiling faces make it popular among families.
The food is not fancy French cuisine, but it is home-cooked, home-cooked food.
You can also book on the day without dinner or stay overnight without meals.
Rental pajamas (200 yen) are available for those who have a sudden overnight stay and do not have their own.
Bath towels, toothpaste, and towel sets are provided.
The small bathroom has shampoo conditioner, body soap, and a hair dryer in the washroom.
The large parking lot is also attractive! Parking is OK before check-in and after check-out!
Pension information
An inn with a satisfaction rating of ◎! Le Montvert♪
Registration date: 2017/10/31/(Tue) 16:12
tel 0267-46-3601

October 27th (Friday)

Calm and clear, sunny autumn weather for the second day in a row!
On a weekend when the sky was uncertain, the blue sky that I wanted to keep spread out.
The handsome Mt. Asama, which has experienced its first snowfall,
She has a particularly gorgeous appearance and is making her presence known.

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★Weekday special plan★ Continued due to great popularity!
Registration date: 2017/09/22/(Fri) 02:21
tel 0267-45-1808
In October and November, we offer large discounts for group stays. A chance for everyone to enjoy Karuizawa in autumn at a great price! Please feel free to contact us for details!
Pension information
Karuizawa weather and clothing
Registration date: 2017/09/22/(Fri) 01:57
tel 0267-42-8166
At 11 a.m. on Sunday, September 10th, the temperature was 24℃, the humidity was 60%, and the sky was clear. August was rainy and humid, so it didn't feel like Karuizawa, but now that September has started, the weather has been nice for the past few days, and it's finally starting to feel like Karuizawa. When I go outside, the sun is strong, but the breeze makes me feel comfortable.
A short-sleeved shirt is sufficient during the day, but at night the temperature drops to below 20 degrees Celsius, making it feel cold.
Cycling is great when the weather is nice. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

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We will accept training camp
Registration date: 2016/09/06/(Tue) 00:36
tel 0267-48-3533
Autumn is the season for sports.
Karuizawa Kazekoshi Park is located right next to Verlaine, a 5-minute walk away.
In addition, for long-term stays with one night and three meals included, we will provide a half-day free use of one tennis court for every 10 people each day.
Please contact us by phone for details.
Pension information
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To all travel organizers!

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